Pearl restringing: We offer pearl restringing services if you have a pearl necklace or bracelet that has broken, whether it was from us or from somewhere else. If your pearl piece is out of the one year warranty window, then all repairs for restringing pearls start at $40.

Jewelry re-plating: We offer yellow gold re-plating, rhodium re-plating, and rose gold plating for your jewelry whether you bought it from us or not. Depending on the size of the piece, re-plating starts at $20

Cleaning: If you have jewelry that needs a proper cleaning, come drop off your piece(s) at The Grove and we will have it cleaned and ready for pick up for you within one week! Or ship it out to us and we will ship it back.

All other repairs: Whether you have a broken chain or broken earring, we can fix anything! Fill out our repair form, include photos of your broken jewelry, and send it out to us to have it repaired back to original condition.