What Makes Us

All Timeless Luxury jewelry pieces are thoughtfully designed to fit into your lifestyle. We design jewelry for timeless elegance and continuous wear, so carefully choosing only the highest quality metals and materials is our priority. A little TLC goes a long way, so always treat your jewelry with the utmost care.

14k Solid Gold

14k gold is an alloy metal that will never oxidize or discolor. Because of its lifetime duration, it's a higher investment. Our jewelry is always made with 14 carats, meaning it's blended with other metals to enhance its durability.

The difference between 14k yellow gold and 14k white gold is the rhodium finish. 14k white gold has a rhodium coating around it to give it a beautiful white, platinum finish.

Caring for solid gold: To clean, use mild dishwashing soap and warm water and rub it gently using your fingers or a very soft bristled brush. Make sure to rinse off all of the excess soap and pat gently with a soft cloth. To maintain its beautiful shine, store it in a safe, dry, enclosed area.

Gold Filled

Multiple layers of gold that are bonded with very high heat and pressure onto a base metal. The amount of gold used to bond onto the base metal is a 100x more gold than regular gold plating, equaling about 5% of pure gold. This kind of jewelry is able to withstand more daily wear and tear.

Caring for gold filled
: In order to clean your gold filled jewelry, use warm water and mild dish soap with a very soft toothbrush to scrub off any dirt or debris. You can also use a soft cotton polishing cloth to wipe it clean from time to time. Store your gold filled jewelry in a safe, dry place.

Gold Vermeil

(Pronounced ver-may) This jewelry has a thick layer of gold, bonded onto sterling silver base. No other base metal can be used to classify as gold vermeil. The coating of gold that surrounds the metal is thicker than regular gold plating, making it longer lasting. Our gold vermeil jewelry is 14 carats of gold with 2.5 microns of thickness.

Caring for gold vermeil: Make sure to take off your jewelry before showering, going in the pool/ocean, and before going to bed.

Keep your gold vermeil jewelry away from harsh chemicals such as sunscreen and perfume, so make sure to apply these products first and put your jewelry on last. In order to clean this type of jewelry, use a soft polishing cloth to wipe it down and then keep it in a safe, dry storage unit.

Gold Plated Over Sterling Silver

Gold plated jewelry is made up of a thin layer of 14k gold that is electroplated to a base metal like brass, copper, or sterling silver. It contains about .05% of gold.

All Timeless Luxury jewlery is always gold plated with silver as the base metal. We prefer to do gold over silver so that your jewelry over time will never turn black since it doesn’t contain brass as the base metal.

Caring for gold plated:
Always take off your jewelry before showering, going in the pool/ocean, and going to bed. It should always be the last thing you put on when you get ready for the day, meaning perfume, sunscreen and hair products should be applied before you put on your jewelry. To clean this kind of jewelry, you can use a soft polishing cloth to get rid of any dirt or impurities. Make sure to keep it stored in a safe and dry area.

Rhodium-Plated Over Sterling Silver

Rhodium is a member of the platinum group that is a whitish-silver metallic element. It's highly reflective & hypoallergenic. Rhodium doesn’t easily corrode, oxidize, or react to skin, making it ideal for people who don’t like taking off their jewelry. The rhodium protects the sterling silver underneath from scratches, wear, and oxidization.

Caring for rhodium-plated over silver: You can easily clean this type of material with mild dishwashing soap and warm water. Rub gently with your fingers or use a very soft bristle toothbrush and you will start to see the water become cloudy from all the dirt and debris being cleaned out. Rinse out all of the excess soap and pat it dry with a soft towel. Always store your jewelry in a safe, dry place.

Sterling Silver

Sterling silver consists of 92.5% weight of silver and the other 7.5% by weight of other metals like copper. Silver has to be mixed with other metals and alloys to maintain its hardness.

Most sterling silver jewelry has a thin coating of 99.9% of pure silver to give it its shiny white finish.

Caring for sterling silver: Sterling silver is susceptible to oxidization. Frequent polishing with a sterling silver specific polishing cloth will help minimize the oxidizing.

Once you see your silver metal start to darken, it can easily be removed with your polishing cloth. But, if left untreated for too long, the darkened areas will become more difficult to remove and will eventually require professional cleaning.

Freshwater pearls

All of our pearl jewelry are genuine freshwater pearls. They are cultured and farmed mainly in China. They come in many different shapes and sizes, all unique in their own way. Our pearls are highly lustrous and high quality which means they need to be taken care of very well.

Pearls are delicate and prone to scratching, so make sure to store your pearl jewelry in safe, dry places.

Caring for freshwater pearls: Our pearl necklaces and bracelets are handmade and hand strung with silk thread, so it is important to take off your pearls before going in the shower, the pool, and the ocean. Frequent exposure to moisture will perish the silk threading.

Natural pearls are porous so try to avoid wearing pearls in water. The more you expose these pearls in water, the shine and luster will be dulled. Keep your pearl jewelry away from perfumes, harsh chemicals, and sunscreens. Treat your pearls with the ultimate TLC!

Semi-precious Gemstones

There are two tiers of gemstones: precious and semi-precious. Precious stones consist of diamonds, emeralds, ruby, and sapphire. Semi-precious stones consist of amethyst, garnet, blue topaz, peridot, citrine, etc. We carry mostly semi-precious stones of the best quality. They come in different cuts like the emerald cut, oval cut, and round cut.